Published by Vidde at 2016-10-23 10:37

We are slowly getting there. There is a lot of tables on this web site. And when lots of information gets crammed into a table, they tend to get wide. Nothing wrong with that, really. That is what tables are for... right?

Well not quite. Just because you have information to show the user, it doesn't necessarily mean a table is the best way to go. If it means mobile users have to scroll sideways a lot, you should think again.

Sometimes it's still necessary. Sometimes it really is data that needs to be presented in a very strict structure. But even then it might be best to shorten some data so it doesn't use a screen and a half all by itself.

Anyway, the daily missions are responsive now instead of that awful table, and we also got some buttons to view previous days! The functionality has been there before, but you had to know to add "day" in your $_GET. Who does that? ;)

Hope you like the changes!

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